Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sidecar Sunday

I haven't done a Sidecar Sunday in a while so here's two. I'm guessing these two photos are from the same trip. 

This was taken at an old hotel/bar in Columbia, NJ along RT 94.
I'm pretty sure its now a Veterinary Hospital. Check out this Google Maps street view. The parking lot in the very front is gone but the porch remains the same. 

C'mon Inn in Haledon, NJ. 
This was considered "home base" for most of the guys my dad rode with. Most of their adventures and road trips started here.

Unfortunately the C'mon Inn hasn't fared so well. You can't even recognize the place. "Haledon Pizza" next door still has the same brick facade it had almost 40 years ago. But in the photo above check out the two brandy new Sporsters parked out front!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year! See Ya 2014!

It's been another amazing year! We built about 4 1/2 bikes this year. I say half because Ben's was built but switched around. There was lots of great riding with great folks, a number of great events attended, Strange Days had it's most successful year to date, and the RetroFit garage is finally turning into a shop. All I can say is enjoy the pics! Thanks for the support and see ya next year!

2014 started with the build of "The Tingler", the Strange Days give-away bike.

47 Mike's Unfinished Bike Show

Ride To Skate Adventures and Mis-Adventures (Ben and I never actually made it, the boogie barge was giving us a lot of problems.)

Summer Finally Hit

We got miss "Milly" back on the road for Samantha.

The Tingler was finished just in time for Strange Days!

Strange Days Had The Largest Turnout Yet!

 The rest of these photos I stole from Chop Cult and thanks to Jay Cagney for his amazing photos. Check out his new website at

It takes a village of crazies to build a chopper for Strange Days. The Tingler went to a good home! Take care of her Kevin!

We Got Rachael's XS650 the "Fire Chicken" back on the road as well! Engine rebuild, some fabrication, and reassembly of the whole bike and wiring. We got it all done just in time for the Gypsy Run.

Ben's FrankenLucy

And Changed Again....

The Brooklyn Invitational 

This has to be my most favorite photo of the entire year.

Scott's Sportster
The hardtail needed to be straightened and the engine freshened up. More on this later!

I knew somethin didn't look right from the back... 

And Lastly The Garage Got a Big Renovation

I get the feeling 2015 is going to be a great year! 
See ya'll on the other side.